Heathfield Kız Öğrenci Yaz Okulu

Heathfield's Residential Camp

Heathfield’s Residential Camp promises a great deal of fun for everyone. The combination of great activities and the excitement of sharing a bedroom with girls from this country and overseas provides the chance for campers to sample boarding school life.

For those who may be planning to attend boarding school in the future, this is a particularly good opportunity to have a taster of what life will be like. Learning to live with other people is an important experience, as is developing self-reliance and independence away from home.
On arrival at the Residential Camp, girls will be assigned to one of four Houses; groups designed to allow different ages and nationalities to meet, mix and make friends. Together, Houses compete against each other in a variety of fun evening activities including quizzes, drama competitions, a basketball tournament and a swimming gala.

Day Programme
Our well-qualified and experienced teachers and group leaders offer the girls a fun-packed and educational, daily programme through a range of activities. This programme varies throughout the four-week period and balances creative, artistic and sporting skills. Please note not all activities are available each week.

Campers are grouped together according to age and move together between activities. An idea of the variety of activities we offer here at the Summer Camp can be found under the ‘Activities’ section.

On Fridays we have an Option Morning where girls choose their own activities. Two or three afternoons a week Summer Camp girls mix together with students from the international Summer School and take part in fun sports and activities.

We also offer special cookery, art and drama & music days, each culminating in a Show to which parents are invited.

Evening and Week-end Programme
Evenings and weekends are for whole school activities with Summer School and Summer Camp girls joining together. The girls enjoy discos, karaoke, barn dances, Scottish and English country dancing and fancy dress parties. The girls are also able to take part in our very popular and lively debates and cultural events.

International theme evenings also offer girls a chance to sample different cultures. They try dishes, watch dances and listen to songs from all over the world and learn about the art and heritage of other countries: for example an introduction to the fascinating art of origami from the Japanese girls has proven to be a great favourite.
The Sports Hall and Swimming Pool are open on selected evenings and we also show films on a big screen in the theatre of our new Performing Arts Centre.
Trips to the cinema, bowling, theme park, and other places of entertainment are also organised once a week.

Accommodation & Welfare 

At Heathfield Summer Camp, our priority is your daughter’s safety, comfort and well-being.

Our comfortable accommodation offers girls a home-from-home. All campers sleep in the main school building with younger girls sharing bedrooms with between 3 and 8 beds. Older girls sleep in single rooms. All rooms have wash basins and there are plenty of bathrooms and shower rooms nearby.

We provide excellent supervision with members of staff, the school Matron and the school Nurse close by at all times. Student assistants also help the girls to settle in and keep an eye on them during leisure time throughout their stay. Bedtimes are set according to the age of the girls. Staff make sure all girls are settled at night and woken in the morning.
Heathfield has an excellent, brand new-surgery and sick bay and the school’s own doctor is on call 24 hours a day. The local hospital is located just two miles away.
A daily laundry service is available for all washing.

Toplam ücrete dahil olanlar: 2 Hafta 1800 £, 3 Hafta : 2300£

  • Haftada 20 ders Genel İngilizce
  • Okul kayıt ücreti
  • Okul yurdunda konaklama
  • Tüm yemekler
  • Ders kitapları
  • Havaalanına gidiş-dönüş transferleri
  • Haftanın her günü sosyal ve sportif aktiviteler
  • 2 Haftada 3 tam gün ve 6 yarım günlük geziler
  • Londra’da 2 akşam gezi
  • Haftada bir çamaşır yıkama ve nevresim değişimi
  • Kurs sonu katılım sertifikası
  • Vize ücreti
  • Yurtdışı çıkış harcı
  • Seyahat sağlık sigortası
  • THY ile Gidiş dönüş uçak bileti*
  • 10 kişilik grup için bir grup lideri

*Uçak bileti 250 pound olarak hesaplanmıştır. Uçak biletindeki fiyat değişiklikleri toplam ücrete yansıtılacaktır.

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